Harry Potter and the not quite original wedding dress...

I went to see HP 7.1 Last night. 
We spent an hour and a half queuing for a decent seat (we got the best ones in the house might I add!) to see a film that I've been waiting months for. As many, many others have too I guess.

Anyway, I'm not going to review it, that would be stupid as any decent HP fan that has actually read the books will know what there in for judging the poetic licence that has taken place in the previous films.

What I do want to talk about is how Fleur Delacour's wedding dress went from 'simple white' in the book, to an imitation allmost carbon copy of the late Alexander McQueen's 2008:2009 Autumn/Winter Peacock dress.

Oh sorry it's not Peacocks on Fleur's dress... It's two phoenixes...
-tries hard not to roll eyes-

Having spent 5 years studying fashion and design I know that inspiration has to come from somewhere. 
We are not gods...  

But still...
This dress is so special to me, as Alexander McQueen along with Vivienne Westwood are my idols and that dress is one of the main reasons why I passed my exams back in 2009.
I have been in love with this dress since the moment I layed my eyes on it for the first time in class.
I have countless croquis of the adaptation in off white that I plan to (one day) get married in.

Since last night, my shock and slight amusement upon seeing Fleur's adapted Phoenix dress has turned into disappointment and slight anger. Egotistic as it might be and less so for the sake of ripping off a haute-couture dress.
I've spent the better part of the morning looking on line to see other peoples reactions to the dress and apart from the fashion bloggers anger a much more futile phenomena has upset me even more.

The sheer amount of girls now wanting to get married in that same dress. 'My' dress.
-disheartened sigh-
Costume designer Jany Temine, who has worked on five of the Harry Potter movies had this to say about the dress anyway ::

"For the wedding dress, I wanted it to be a witch wedding dress but not a Halloween dress. The dress is white but it needed to have something fantastic to it. So there is the phoenix [motif], the bird, which is a symbol of love in a way because there is rebirth, love never dies, it is born again. So we have that in front of the dress to give a feeling of eternal love. It was the symbol of Dumbledore, too, but it is the symbol of love for the dress."

I wouldn't mind, I was thinking, as the film rolled on around me what a lovely tribute as Dumbledore was the main mentor of the latter films, that the phoenix symbolised his presence and  that perhaps the costume designer had made this dress as a little clin d'œil to a late mentor in fashion ... Perhaps not. 
As she i denying any knowledge of Alexander McQueen's dress and calling it her own creation.

I'll let you decide... Original? Inspired? or just plain copied?

P.S. Did anyone else notice the missing Goblin Tiara ?! Plot points ??!!

& then four...

Theo now has a cage buddy called Vladimir !
Double the cuteness !!!
They sleep alot... I'm hoping that's normal ?
But otherwise  it's Hami heaven chez nous.


& Two became Three...

So this may be a little premature, as we only got him yesterday but seeing as he made it through the night (making an awful lot of racket might I add.) I wanted to announce the arrival of Théodore Dmitri the little Russian Hami into our family !
He's tiny, and my fella is scared of him (which is hilarious), he's got quite a character on him already although he's bundled up in his bedding right now, prolly having little hami dreams about whatever little Russian hamis dream about.
We hadn't actually set out to buy a hamster yesterday, or any mammal of any description in fact ... We just got distracted by the cuteness of it all and before we knew it I was holding a box of said cuteness and my fella was being loaded up with everything we needed to buy to keep Hami cuteness happy.

G U L L I B L E !!
But worth the 44euro total. 

I've never owned a hamster before in my life, I come from a dog family... Bit of a change I'll admit but all our apartment would allow for. and since we got home yesterday evening I've been trawling the internet trying to find out valid information about our new furry fella (as you do).
Seems we haven't adopted the easiest of fur balls. Not one of those "tamed for life" critters but more so "I'll make you work for the cuteness" kind but meh, I like a challenge and if it means my fella won't unintentionally traumatise poor Theo as he tends to do other small children and animals with his (cute to me) over exuberance then I'm even more happy !!

      So welcome to Théodore Dmitri, long live the little Russian.

Winter Longing ...

So no snow just yet (even if I was hoping just a little) ... But Winter is irrevocably on it's way! 
*squees all round* 
Okay so we most likely won't have any snow in these neck of woods until January but my inner child is beaming in her oversized mother knit scarf.
I L O V E this time of year.
L O V E.
[Knitting, Hot chocolate, mittens, biscuit baking, cinnamon, layering clothes, cuddles, frost, present wrapping, lof fire... Christmas]

Welcome to reality, are you new here ?

Today I'm writing out a letter to send to the French benefit system [CAF] basically begging them not to take our rent money away. It's a long story as to why they are but if they do, come January me and my man will have to move apartments, worse still, he'll most likely have to go back to Paris and we'll go back to living the hell that is long distance.

I've been at Beaux Arts less than two months now and all I can say, feel and do is average.
A V E R A G E  S U C K S.

At least today has been brightened by the ray of sunshine that is a plumbers crack, in our bathroom fixing our 'condemned' shower.
Mother always said I should be happy for the small things and that I am. Happier for the big things like not being homeless too.